those little tiny voices

I don’t think i’ll ever understand    all in all, as a man cusping his 30s, i’m a man (or something like that) that has been plagued, traumatized, beset by the majority of relationships. the definition becomes loose here, convoluted almost- only emboldened by my continuing, gross amount of overthinking i complete in a day.Continue reading “those little tiny voices”

grief, and other small victories.

the title of this post is the title of Paul Neilans book of a almost similar name “Apathy and other small victories”. It’s one of my favorite books. dark humor, and satire fill it’s pages to the brim, and i’d like to think this is what i aim this post to be-   but failed.Continue reading “grief, and other small victories.”

Mental Health

For me, as long as I could remember, I’ve always avoided mental health. I felt ashamed. I feel this is the main reason for a ton of people out there- nobody wants to feel like a burden. To feel less than, or to feel like they need help in their head. Help in your headContinue reading “Mental Health”

blog post: reaction: self help

this is in response to a friends blog post, titled “self help” a person i silently & greatly admire from afar. in ten days from valentines, it will be the “anniversary” of when my childhood friend, took his own life. i was 17. he lived down the street from where I lived. the morning afterContinue reading “blog post: reaction: self help”