You’re the first person I thought of

“You’re the first person I thought of” is generally the type of plaudit I’d hope to hear after phrases like: “funniest person ever,” “most creative individual you know,” I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time woolgathering — daydreaming over would-be encomiums about who I wish to become someday. I didn’t wish those words to beContinue reading “You’re the first person I thought of”

my goodness.

goodness. my heart. words i never want to repeat. i didn’t know this is how it would be. you’re an anomaly in nature, you’re silence when the sound is on. you’re a cherry stem, marfa lights, the escapist nature of the taos hum. you ever hear yourselflaugh and catch yourself falling in love? i’ve neverContinue reading “my goodness.”

liability issue

there’s a point that i’m reaching metal-stained depression that questions my poise Soy Sauce and Som Tam alleviate my diseasesWitherspoon street, right off of Des Moinesi’m better off. leave me- said in telekinesispark my car in dimmed city streets seemed so adroit as a meditative escape- to break free and avoid the culture clinic. socialContinue reading “liability issue”

coffee stains

i feel like an addict.i i fell asleep by myselfwaking up in shivers and 0 responses to my pleading for help i’m normal, i’m honest sitting beside a 2 week headache and a toilet of vomit telling my tylenol i’ll be back before dawn. another broken statement soaking in promise my minds a loiteringContinue reading “coffee stains”

those little tiny voices

I don’t think i’ll ever understand    all in all, as a man cusping his 30s, i’m a man (or something like that) that has been plagued, traumatized, beset by the majority of relationships. the definition becomes loose here, convoluted almost- only emboldened by my continuing, gross amount of overthinking i complete in a day.Continue reading “those little tiny voices”

grief, and other small victories.

the title of this post is the title of Paul Neilans book of a almost similar name “Apathy and other small victories”. It’s one of my favorite books. dark humor, and satire fill it’s pages to the brim, and i’d like to think this is what i aim this post to be-   but failed.Continue reading “grief, and other small victories.”

Mental Health

For me, as long as I could remember, I’ve always avoided mental health. I felt ashamed. I feel this is the main reason for a ton of people out there- nobody wants to feel like a burden. To feel less than, or to feel like they need help in their head. Help in your headContinue reading “Mental Health”


i have so much to say, and nothings suffice the honest truth is, i just want to cry enough violence of my energy marks being assaulted my silence comes from expecting nothing less than the obvious misunderstanding. awkwardness. overall shyness. i acquiesce solely out of exhaustion. closed captions underneath both of our eyelids touch myContinue reading “4:05”

i met somebody. (meeting someone who has a significant other, and you think there’s a connection they’re avoiding)

i met somebody i’m not sure if i was supposed too thoughnot sure if she was a’pproachableanxious and mellow.standing with my hand on my elbowstudied her curves with theglance from my hello but, i’m sure, you’re unreachableand asa man (boy) wrapped his arms around heras to slowly suggest a inflectionand grabbed her by the waistContinue reading “i met somebody. (meeting someone who has a significant other, and you think there’s a connection they’re avoiding)”

spellbound hellhound. (a latino man’s overarching poem turned unfinished short-story detailed in excruciating sentiment and honesty)

spellbinding is the term used to describe when you’re holding complete attention of someone, almost as if it were something magical; indescribably intoxicating. have you ever felt light brown eyes lock into your soul, eyes surrounded by the most perfectly tailored bronze skin, like if you crushed up jupiter and sprinkled the dust over anContinue reading “spellbound hellhound. (a latino man’s overarching poem turned unfinished short-story detailed in excruciating sentiment and honesty)”

syrup pt. 2 (2nd volume to syrup- a follow-up on intimacy)

she’s smiling cheek to cheek, wide veneer cheshire feel my eyes tether through your bed side this that pressurized, bend-her-over sex drive the entry to her treasure room, legs wide find you in the vestibule, whisper at your back side cause vigors’ just a side effect to when i imbibe if pleasures just a mentalContinue reading “syrup pt. 2 (2nd volume to syrup- a follow-up on intimacy)”