Echoes of Roses and Guns

It’s so unimportant, the funneling of guns to my roses. Slow danced with the most disconnected soul on this planet, Watching steps into rhythm, coalesce death into wisdom, Such a succulent prose, I’m nothing short of a serpent. To color me hopeless is to color me human, Rendered useless by the silhouette that wants toContinue reading “Echoes of Roses and Guns”

Skylit Lighthouse: Watching Our Eyes Meet Our Lips

We spent an hour alone, watching our eyes meet our lips. My revolver’s extinct, extinguishing meandering thoughts, Cradled across indifference, right into addiction, Deference to malice, rosebud digitalis reborn, a grin. While I think about things I haven’t before, Soaked in grimace and gin while I’m singing along, Philosophers’ physics, you had me at ‘gone,’Continue reading “Skylit Lighthouse: Watching Our Eyes Meet Our Lips”

The Last 5 Titles: Echoes of a Tormented Soul

I’ve scrapped my last five writings, with the opening sentences starting with, “It’s hell in this darkness,” “Dearly departed, please be here for my heart.” The other three were as stark: “I hate being alive,” Don’t seem to remember, one rubric: “Demons inside.” Life is overrated, diluted with wine, My tears empower me, a tailspinContinue reading “The Last 5 Titles: Echoes of a Tormented Soul”