Skylit Lighthouse: Watching Our Eyes Meet Our Lips

We spent an hour alone, watching our eyes meet our lips.
My revolver’s extinct, extinguishing meandering thoughts,
Cradled across indifference, right into addiction,
Deference to malice, rosebud digitalis reborn, a grin.
While I think about things I haven’t before,
Soaked in grimace and gin while I’m singing along,
Philosophers’ physics, you had me at ‘gone,’
Underneath the chasms we nuzzled upon.

Dreamt that you nightmare’d, that I had dissolved,
To the active involvement of our rapid devolving.
I caught you at 12 under the crescent moon of December,
BMW leather, something that you’ll soon remember,
Luminous, lecherous, somehow loosened endeavors,
An uphill battle to oblivion, where passion is glued in forever.
Funny how erratic romances never seem to be better
Than hand in heart, avant-garde fractions remeasured.

You tethered my inaction with half-wit adventures,
Regretted the hand I played once you passed out the deck.
I questioned your motives of why you accepted
My friendship, out of desire or a dying affection.
Like it happened out of nowhere, it’s hard to pretend
That I’m not an infectious disease in dire need of a medic.
I mean, at least that’s what I get out of your attention,
‘Cause the seeds you planted have weeds in them.

Nirvana doesn’t exist in this squander of thought if you aren’t elected.
If the devil wears Prada, it’s because you modeled for them.
This is just misjudgment of honest broads, a cautious indifference,
Treating genuine women with impartial disinterest.
Just a devilish debonair with his cavalier distinction,
The hemisphere changes with its Australis emissions.

So now I stare at the stars, I hate that I’m this,
Paint constellations with apathetic detachment,
Atmospheric phenomenon, in hindsight, it was madness.
So now we wait, wait for the sky to hit limelight
While I cascade into blackness. Damn it.

Published by Cristian Leonardo Gajardo

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