it’s so unimportant. the funneling of guns to my roses. slow danced with the most disconnected soul on this planet
watching steps into rhythm. coalesce death into wisdom. 
such a succulent prose. im nothing short of a serpent
to color me hopeless, is to color me human. 
rendered useless by the silhouette that wants to consume me
tragedy of existence – toy soldier battlefield pistols
raising battalions til’ the atmosphere blisters
ive had it to here. soaking up blood. every ballad for years
nose bleed gush. let it mix in together with tears
in december, remember me in your prayers
feelings are invalid, because they have to adhere
with current policies linear to what the mechanisms produce
to become ugly to someone who’d move solar systems for you
polar influx. it’s why we drink whiskey to rhythm and blues
villainy’s cruel, but indecision is crueler
being a victim to being insufficient- isnt abuse
found the algorithm for bruising. most of it is self inflicted
bound to hell with self predictions, health needs help
it’s malnutrition. can’t help be hopeful for sanity’s sake
where vanity takes a backseat to passionate fate
if it’s real, then it’ll never be over 
tell that to the bartender that’s mixing my gin and my soda
debonair devil. gallant gentleman
savor the cobra conection
tuxedo to the morgue-regret your intentions 
tailor made bowtie, rose colored coated inflection 
stared into space. untie your fingers with mine under sheets
lower our voices. silence is the most powerful scream
poignant as the cotton ripples forming through comforter spread
where dozens of sins lie underneath ruptures of thread 
droplets of wine cover cream satiny fiber
cabernet fire. carmine cobblestone twine 
sit at the fireplace. untucked collared shirt in regression
of how much warmth we made over embers we directed
we fucked here before. fingerprints on the glass
commanded the sun as it melted the wax 
shot arrows of love with an Aries through summer
under cancers’ July over candlelit colors

Kiss my guns hello and my roses goodbye 

Published by Cristian Leonardo

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