Boom boom

With a lustful vantage point, step into puddles path
the homebodies anthem, gearing for my dozenth bath
It’s because I understand it that I don’t want to let your ends go
we met in muddled meth smoke reactive puffy sense probe
to enact the touch your breath strokes; extract the abstract of subtle innuendo
signing off to damaged goods, living lavish; asylum bunks
silence is the final language of a lasting boom, to liven us;
from the seismic cusp on the violet moons cyan crust
dying love, psyclobin. Blithe consumes. Time is up.
we go from sighs exhumed to lying too. the biting of our frightened tongues
from lying tombed, next to you, I died and grew. Like a plume you feather dusted

Published by Cristian Leonardo

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