i get along without you

it was only
a second. it felt more armageddon, a source of dependence
my very core was augmented. no force, just indebted to pain
embedded; the flow descending in waves
chakra, like flames, no position, no direction. unphased.
see, most of what i felt was descriptions. captions in italics
handpicked basket of malice. last resort love-lust. i decide first
hard to describe a picture with nine hundred ninety nine words
inarguable. we didn’t argue, just cut you off to yell in your face
you could feel the dismay. built up incendiary droplets of sage
rose petals kissed the spots on your face, dynamite dulcet decay.
vitalize vital signs, ultra displacement.
i memorized your voice so estranged
umbra vibrations. ultraviolet rays touched the recliner in gray
i went on for an hour. armchair therapy. you sat in your bed
tears rolling down my cheek, as i let you know it wasn’t okay
how i felt, how unlucky i was.
how stars realigned themselves on that day
perfect memory tenses. serial lover. in bed with the zodiac killer
i murdered your obsession with star gazing once my sign became unfamiliar
i get along without you perfectly, darling
i’ve forgotten you, just like i should have, regardless. 
hear your laughs in whispers of wind, details i thought i’ve forgotten
any scintilla, bit into the apple that brings you into my garden
songs that played in the background of trysts we partook in
are nothing, just tunes that became aloof and out of tune 
a fool for thinking, autumn would sing to me during decembers departure
devilish palm touch, crackling firewood in rhythm with heartbeats
dwindling darkness, you’d hear the goosebumps raise if you listen in softly
killing me. hardly.
I get along without you, perfectly darling
of course I do
except perhaps in autumn, but I should
never think of autumn
for that would shatter my heart in two

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