This One Hurt: A Poem of Fire-Breathers and Realizing His Own Pain is Self-Inflicted

I am breathing fire
But I’m not a dragon
An average person
Swallowed matches
Ran across a sea of stars in moon boots
Army canvas
The catalyst sparks.
Deactivate the manned fuselage
Tight-lipped gargantuan stares through his art

For hours (or it seems)

Want to be touched yet wince when you do
Slight grimace, a sly indication, it’s a bit too obtuse
The allusion, any minute now it might finish
What do you mean when you insinuate that now’s not the time?
Postponed rain-checks. Outside in rain boots thousands of times
Acid wash downpour. Denim daiquiri stain
Reticle-strain, bloodshot-battlefield. Blades
Where to embark? Devilish ear to ear grin
Started the year with resolutions hand in heart
Fear to be seen alone, energy barely consumed
Jumpstart my heart battery; only bleeding for you
Doomed to usual standard
How to meander directions when my satellite is depressed
Crop-circle on fire. What a fiery mess
Tried to find himself but he was lost in what I left
in you
That 1-800 hotline already memorized my


Will somebody listen
A snowflake with their pillows drenched
Daydream outrunning this avalanche
Giving everyone the attention I seek

& when it’s returned to me, he barely speaks
I don’t want it. I just
Just want these hands to stop Drowning me
They hurt. Every night before sleep, I tell them to leave
They peek over my canopy bed until three

In the morning

Published by Cristian Leonardo Gajardo

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