Maturing Too Fast: A Journey Through Life’s Acceleration

It’s up for existential debate, whether or not
we’re here for a reason or stranded here just to rot.
Leisurely Lonesomes, a sunrise kingdom unfolding.
a delicate flower, nuclei destined forever in the forest.
Do-or-die sentiments, sediment ready to rise.
Blood pact suicide, toes in the sand in the tide.
We’re only in focus when we start to succeed.
congratulations and shaking hands to hands shaking in sleep.
Panic attack, borderline personality disorder, solace in silence.
Every day, a soldier is dying, PTSD from maturing too fast.
I’ve been told to collide.
with my demon’s flashback, detachment, paranoia, decide.
what to do with yourself, paranormal dishevelment.
Clash encounter to delusion like an asteroid belt
entering Earth, phenomena avoided like hell.
Poised to no end, with no end to foretell.
Such a pity, holy shit, shame we all have stories to tell.
A hundred ears, nobody listens, pouring whiskey in wells.
swirling it in the glass, a little tornado cyclone.
Perhaps we tell it with such hope, rehearsed, to speak it with ease.
Oh, how we change for others, sleep with our demons for free.
Beelzebub pedigree, honeybee to a wasp
Fur Elise, Elysium waits with alyssum in her palm.
This suggests to me what I’ve known all along,
the kiss of death, pain is strength, literally every song.
Diet plan, exercise, what’s your secret to looking your best?
Don’t eat for days, ha-ha. Pause. I said it in jest.
Capricorn, Libra, maelstrom pathogen, fetal position
battle ballistic, garrison mission, administer oil in my cannabis christen.
cataclysmic mushroom smoke.
Cultured difference aside,
there’s more to living, so to speak, than living to die.
Unambiguous chameleon, dressed in camo fatigue,
in his pavilion that the big wolf blows at until he can barely breathe,
grow in a melting pot, petri dish human experiment,
give him truancies, periods of time where truth is empirical,
hold me a second.
Let’s grow apart, don’t second guess it.
Stare at me like a tornado looks at Tulsa and Edmond,

Published by Cristian Leonardo Gajardo

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