Syrup and Frost Part II: A Kaleidoscopic Journey

She’s smiling cheek to cheek, wide veneer Cheshire
Feel my eyes tether through your bedside
This that pressurized, bend-her-over sex drive
The entry to her treasure room, legs wide
Find you in the vestibule, whisper at your backside
‘Cause vigor’s just a side effect to when I imbibe
If pleasure’s just a mental boost
I take pleasure in these mental boosts every damn time
Every touch explodes, fingers foot soldiers on a landmine
Something better be boiling on the inside
Finger trace narcotic curves. I’m in a daze
Can’t I concentrate on what God unfurled?
My pussy. You love it when I commentate on what I deserve
But you hate when I try to say that I’m unheard Undulating hyper-wave has gone berserk
Now I’m insane ’cause you don’t fuck the same from what I observed.
I’m hardheaded. My heart is soft-centered.
Call center worker spun into withdrawal shivers
Jewel spheres spawn light into these dark whispers
Calm flickers, palm slipping, annihilation
We’d drop zippers. Soft whimpers, dilating raw rhythm
You and I, condone this
Kaleidoscopic, eye scoping, slight hypnosis.
Caution warning message is sent
60mg oxytocin shower the flesh of your lips
Hypnotic dosage
Her butterfly journal.
No reason to flutter
Like a field I discovered, where I trace over patterns left by previous lovers
Mind boggled, too.
Reading diaries on how they failed to conquer you
Chapters left blank, with nothing but a pencil and time
Hand drawing rainbows with watercolor pigmenting dye
The arc of your back, with melted oil enzymes
Frozen moment in time, where we coil inside
Tongue ready to taste sweat that delicately falls up
Like summer tree leaves in the depths of autumn
Or syrup filling spaces between bark on a maple
Sitting on the hilly banks swaddled in hazel
How are we able?
Despite our armor
So frigid.
Both thinking twice as hard
Fragile, frosted, crystallizing water
Budding with pheromones to visualize our partner
Bubbling over seas of red and rosy, slow touches, moans buzzing, and get-to-know-mes
Blanket passion.
The kiss-me-slowlys
Turn sound off. Let me go, please
Enshrouded with fervor
Can we hear you in a forest of trees when you shout and you murmur?

Michelangelo-esque signatures on your crafted marble cheekbones
Carnal loopholes, my caramel tease show
Full-figured, bloodshot, pouty lips
Dark hair, gun-shy rowdiness
Mirroring oblivion, tongue-tied drowsiness
Unruly temptation.
Come into my arms
Soul treks along spacetime and elation
Unknowingly engulfing night stars
Black holes and coffee-stained eyeballs (mine)
Rose petals and footprints to the daybed
Colors in every conceivable wavelength
Every nerve burdened, creates a spark
Swallowed by the permeating darkness
Of uncertainty and foregone attraction
Swerving clean into this moment collapsing
Where the present flowing meets passion
Seagoer calls for all hands back up on deck
Captain’s calloused hands meet the back of her neck

Published by Cristian Leonardo Gajardo

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