coffee stains

i feel like an addict.
i whispered..
as i fell asleep by myself
waking up in shivers and 0 responses to my pleading for help
i'm normal, i'm honest
sitting beside a 2 week headache and a toilet of vomit
telling my tylenol i'll be back before dawn. another broken statement soaking in promise
my minds a loitering bomb, the hopeless subconscious
my most genuine curse is never being sorely immodest
you make me trust, and make me love

wrap your arms around my kudzu
my battle armor cast in blood, the vagabond of listless lust
you're the
art of war to my sun tzu
dragging on, my past is gone. just catacomb the ambiance
grabbing on to massive oars to run across the transient
summers dawn is halcyon. a cup of coffee.
allocate the demitasse, and pillow talk your champion
touching softly. rugged often, my flesh peels off when i'm around


come with trigger warnings, and oxytocin
purple-flavored dulcet moans, coach
your climax until you're gone
we left our mantras and conscious open
erotica, the constant dosage
our jupiter's and venus forged
carbon copy, and common stories
almost called derogatory
hear the demons speaking for me
we want peace, and peace and glory
but what brought peace is knowing
thieves only steal things worth hoarding
the mana source. the chakra pouring
muladhara. i want more
kehlani to your body. roar
growling and the sounds explored
you look good on paper, and good in person
my only failure is mine alone.
flushing out the ill-behavior.
to amputate and cut off the source.
this faucet drain pumps blood no more

it's just

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