My Goodness, You’re a Miracle

My Goodness.

My heart.

Words I never want to repeat.
I didn’t know this is how it would be.
You’re an anomaly in nature, you’re silence when the sound is on.
You’re a cherry stem, Marfa lights, the escapist nature of the Taos hum.
Have you ever heard yourself laugh and caught yourself falling in love?
I’ve never been here before.
I definitely didn’t think it would be this lenitive –
I feel like a hundred spring suns are all pointed at me in every direction.
I feel that if I wanted to, I could jump and catch a cloud, and win you some sort of carnival gift because of it.
I want to be honest with you.
In the most inopportune times, I uncomfortably get captivated/get swallowed into an entirely different dimension into your eyes and there’s a glimmer that shines
Think combining luciferase and photoproteins and I activate it by telling you I love you, and it has to be past 10:00 pm and we both have to be exhausted and the most vulnerable versions of ourselves.
An Elysium field of bioluminescent bulbs each bursting…innately.
It rips away at me.
It violently wrestled away the parts infiltrated by ghosts.
That inhabit houses I was too scared to evict them from.
It’s a hurricane that washes it all away.
The detonation of an EMP inside the walls of the most prominent financial institution.

Published by Cristian Leonardo Gajardo

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