The Shodokans’ Apprentice: A Tale of Vectors and Vices

Feel the vectors into orbit,
melting into fiscal porn
Each waking moment exists to mourn
the pensive rigor mortis
And I hate myself so much every single morning
It’s like clockwork, lonesome, staring in the mirror
See a monster, bones drugged, mainly see the errors
Home drunk, sloppy, with a motor function failure
Open palm my soul in one, the shodokans prepared
I’m off the bat, I’m off the case, I’m solely here to reap
A wad of air I waste, so oddly placed you forget to even breathe
You wake up in your sleep, catch your breath, and then you’re weak
Wake to a dim reality that you’re never truly buzzed
Whole life I never felt hungover
Till I was happy once, then got drunk, so then I felt hungover
Like ignorance was bliss, sort of an ignorance to drugs
To duly know that without or with them my life just really sucked
Like I’ve been wasted the entire time, while I was fucking sober
Bring the jester in, and clamor while I become a fucking stoner
Unbelievable, the whole time I was fooled into a misnomer
Eat and see, consume and teach then touch just like conformists
You aren’t watching a train wreck this is not a pure performance
This is unadulterated steroids being pumped into my assortment
Lie inside apartment, leering at the star scape
See your jaw to constellate, I’m so pleased to see your star face
Everything I wrote always had someone in mind
Overcoat and overwhelmed, now dear no one resigns.

Published by Cristian Leonardo Gajardo

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