Fötter Day Reverie: Suburban Breeze and Whispered Dreams

You can hear the suburban chime, zirconia vertebrae, pearly white spine. Glass thrown in stone houses, a regular suburban night, whirring, rewinding. Chronicled childhood in olive drab paint, monocle glass. Wormwood and bottles of Shawshank dissolute solitude. A wanderer who wallows in the maze en route, delaying for tomorrow, never promised today. A virgin diary,Continue reading “Fötter Day Reverie: Suburban Breeze and Whispered Dreams”

JOURNAL: Flight AA4564 – Notes from the Disconnected

I feel so disconnected. Pictures of stars are trillions of seconds old, heliocentric. We spend our time wishing we could revisit a setting. I could see it in decimals, each dot a pause in a sentence. Hold my hand, avalanche. Bring me the check when you’re finished, mezzanine at the theater, velvet seamstress, Madam Gutierrez.Continue reading “JOURNAL: Flight AA4564 – Notes from the Disconnected”

The Chromatic Dreamer’s Journey

I salivate at the thought of atom lasers and waves of splattered rainbows, The way they collaborate on an acid halo, technicolor schemes that I’d envy more than me. Oh, what it is to be, a color never dreamed, enactment of life, elapsed by the clockwork collapsing of time. Facets of ‘why does it allContinue reading “The Chromatic Dreamer’s Journey”

Then and Now: My Apologies, But the Gray No Longer Holds Beauty for Me

Dear Journal, Recollections of a picnic eventuate vividly in my mind. Amidst the reminisced scene, a profound sense of auditory quiescence prevails. What endures most is the ethereal spectacle wherein the heavens infused my being with enduring chromaticity. The transformation of a seemingly desolate desert into an entrancing marvel transpired. Heliotrope, lavender, and carmine mergedContinue reading “Then and Now: My Apologies, But the Gray No Longer Holds Beauty for Me”

JOURNAL: July 19th, 1991: A Journey of Reflection and Resilience

All little boys need father figures, Not to be normal or sane. You wouldn’t turn on a light switch without knowing where all the conduits are placed. You grow up with a fistful of hurt, a surge like a missile, without hearing a ‘miss you.’ But one thing is certain, nothing makes you question yourContinue reading “JOURNAL: July 19th, 1991: A Journey of Reflection and Resilience”

Consonant Artistry: A Poetic Exploration of Sound and Expression

I don’t even care about breathing air. A) It’s clearly a mission. B) Decided not to get angry today. It’s barely a decision. I think life should be grander than it is, but it isn’t. Can’t have regrets with being wrong; that’s why I love indecision. Sweater against chins, found myself looking for trouble. IContinue reading “Consonant Artistry: A Poetic Exploration of Sound and Expression”

Unearthing the Mind’s Explosive Secrets

Tired of decomposing, dried up, my dreams are dozing, My body has peaked the opus, through godly retreat, I hope, trying to feel a pulse, a pariah that feels opposed, Pinching my grip, controlling, picture my mind in solace. Pitching and writhing, gritting and grinding my teeth to focus, Witch-doctors reveal a poem, my palmsContinue reading “Unearthing the Mind’s Explosive Secrets”

Cambridge Whispers: A Tale of Eloquence and Enigma

Fireplace with Tourette’s, pops and crackles in depth, Drunkenly asking questions I wouldn’t dare, I was shy, Recherché brunette, with curlicue braids on her head, There’s a reason wine glasses are in the shape of a Y. Fork in the road, left or go right, slicing tension with knives, I went left, it felt right,Continue reading “Cambridge Whispers: A Tale of Eloquence and Enigma”

Flown Off Course: Navigating the Uncharted

Vaudevillian. I’ve flown so far off course That my radar doesn’t even beep; It’s silent, instead it weeps For some recognizable aura of man to detect. Signature heat, thermal readings, nothing. I’ve become so abrupt in my comings that most of my time Is spent twiddling my thumbs. I’ve flown so far off course, likeContinue reading “Flown Off Course: Navigating the Uncharted”

Electricity of Words: A Burst of Emotions

Incandescent, I’m pregnant with my words, Pregnant, as in, ready to burst, And give life where it’s needed, or not, Irreverent, a moment of shining, Where bulbs of luminous lime invoke A poisonous vine. It’s similar in fashion when I couldn’t feel a feeling twice, It’s only one time that I felt it, Like IContinue reading “Electricity of Words: A Burst of Emotions”

Empyrean Cosmos: Inner Reflections

Empyrean cosmos. This feeling I swallow; it’s real. It’s hollow, but it’s there. I know it. It’s growing, a hole full of sorrow; it’s weird. Some sort of eerie control. It has sculpted out a grave in my heart, it’s six feet into my soul. A clay soldier statue that’s woven and wound up byContinue reading “Empyrean Cosmos: Inner Reflections”

2 AM Reverie Again: A Journey Through Abstract Emotions

It’s 2 am. I feel interconnected through any vine or snippet of life, A perennial inflorescence of any 6 seconds chimed. Success is a hive, hummingbird wings in slow motion, Hearing the crickets sing, so monotone yet obscurely composed. Feels like they’re talking to me, as I walk on the leaves that I cross, Demure,Continue reading “2 AM Reverie Again: A Journey Through Abstract Emotions”