I didn’t want to believe it

Im sitting alone at the cosmic stump.
Sipping my soul & I’m Vodka drunk
Thinking of goals. I’ve not have done
Fission control. visit me in my head
Cataclysmic logarithms. -picture dreams that are dead
Bickering silence, word by word I fell in your haiku
only heard what you wanted when I tell I love you
Nervous, respond. I fell in the lust pool
mouth of sin, out of breath
a spell was cast on my lungs too
she promised me passion, she promised me endless
a synonym for forever. All I got was a toxic expansion
mantras to mansion. so deceptive it hurt
quoted my tantrums. like an excerpt from a book
don’t mention the looks. I wonder how you mention me now?
sat on the couch, watching Netflix. Forget heaven and clouds
came from the kitchen with spoon full of sauce that you fed in my mouth.
Cilantro, “does the chicken francaise taste good, my love”
Now I found spooning so distasteful. It sucks
Double entendre tornado. A marksman from the start
Haloed your heart, rainbow. And darts at the bar
volcano and smog, now I counted a hundred horseshoes
Barely put in words, how much I adore you
So scared and it hurts, I’ve come to assortments
From arid. It’s gravid, it varied of course
Marriage, like cherries. Best pick to engorge
Eviction of souls. dependent on the glare you
You sold me religion, with Laissez-Faire in effect
I flare up, I gave up on describing this feeling
Inscribed when I speak, shine on the shrine I requested
dried my lips on your teeth. A psychic connection
read the Braille on my tongue without trying to french kiss
Assignment: Accepted. Binary in sign language
With tension so hectic you’d barely bury the knife hatchet
Fury. Attachment. To the universe that emblazoned
the jury and gavel. as well as the executioner faceless
Fell into Jupiters orbit, and you didn’t notice
Consumed in your work. My mutation was forced
I knew it of course, I ballooned and transmogrified
with evolutionary pose, soon to be broken, I
Cocooned. I was born. alas. a new metamorphis. Rise
Using the moons pull as a force. So isotopic
The butterfly. Psychotropic. New skull and a heart

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