Stephanie and Paulette: A Melodic Tale of Affection and Confusion

Blossoming beauty, bud bellowing britches,
We reap what we sow. I’m sorry, my harvest rescinded.
Behold love at first sight, to love at the last minute,
I melted my nucleus because my base was acidic.
It’s not that we grew apart; we just didn’t grow to begin with.
I want to create a spark that embarks your soulless division,
Ammunition like fuel to mobilize the holes that we sink in,
Apparition, venom that fills the abyss to the top,
‘Til I get thirsty and drink its malevolence. Stop,
Visceral, bottomless.

Listen, I’m shot,
Digesting the scintilla, dissecting the plot,
Touching the scars you gave me, and I connected the dots.

I can’t win.

You touch my jawbone in a moment of silence.
I kiss your fingertips because that’s what I’ve been exposed to, and I’m
Tired of thinking, affection needs affection in turn,
A disservice to the deterrent you never deserved.
The other day someone said they loved the way that I wrote,
Just feeling a difference in the tone in which they uttered my name,
Inflection so infectious, conundrums like a blood lust.
I could feel them touching my vein.

Published by Cristian Leonardo Gajardo

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