breathalyzer (pt 1)

so funny how i feel under the influence, without being under your influence
(in a good way. that blushing continuance where everything is diff-erent)
its the effluence of the mental influenza, you condemned me too
i was THERE EVERY FUCKING SECOND. you left me clues
indications are vindicated. nightfall traces of a silhouette
cigarettes. you might as well put it out in my eyeball.
its daunting.
the pernicious environment you live in out of loyalty
poison you absorb, and now your abuse becomes poetry
scars become stories, blisters that cover up his visage
nothing says “been through it” like discolored skin pigment
its like i’m stuck in a trance, a hypnotists wet dream
mentally dissident. the sexiest hypocrite you know
the distance between being in love and being in blackness
(p.s, i needed stitches on my wings where i was freed from your talons)
the flood of neurotoxins flushing its way out
gushing my oval office, concussions abstain now
the eruption of euphoria. so scrumptious
it’s like a volcano disrupted by angel of covenants
streaks of rainbows thrusting. its lovely.
i love it, the luscious extremist, with illustrious features
a noxious stream, like irony. the paradox created
only way to describe it would be.. intoxicating
is anybody reading this?
intoxicated by your lies, to intoxicated by life.
in love with not being in love
flipping coins, landing on ‘in god we trust’
cant wait to hold another hand, no better yet, a hand to hold mine
tiny explosions. farewells that bode time
palm reading, like pictures. bon fire and ripples.
cosign my initials, on the dotted line, of this carbonized puzzle.
the crisp cracking of fire logs that reminds us that fiery passion can crumble
and after hours of ember, nothings left but rubble and smolder
deflower december. im here to dismember your power. its over

Published by Cristian Leonardo

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