Nissan Sentra 2013 


adagio for strings. invite me to your quartet

violin unhinged. idling super star set

theres such a brazen touch, with the brush

of true dishonor. get lost in the wade of war. or rust in your suit of armor. lust for reclusion in the midst of battle. I heard you whisper to yourself before you held my hand. second guessing lust. fuck hell. heavens never fun. never melted suns. now I know I’ve never been in love. 
now you get affection you so desperately seek

instead of a sick pretending to get it from me 

the head of the center of fulfillment and need 

ready to pleasure you. everyone, please 

one at a time. 

I can only make you feel better, not fix your disease

your medicine cabinet. I’m not even fucking alive 

consummate mind. I’m as dead as our past 

good luck chuck. Romeo. Juliet, without the flask 

our naked fingers touched. creation of atom

lazily picked daises, so lackadaisically half strung 

Paris to Hades. in paradise we paraded 

palisades. elated. you never had nothing to say 

learn no lessons from this. no life functions contained 

just dark to darker days. all shadows are gray

just newer ways to create words for heartbreak 

it’s sad when you romanticize bad relationships 

to suck dry dried love tongue tied in the last remaining bits

to have a place to badger faith when it all dies 

when the walls break, sun shines are glimmers of hell

it never ends well, my soul is linked to carbon

the only thing in common was you both wanted to get rid of yourself 

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