broken walls

there’s lies that i tell, with no repercussion in sight
roll over for the fall out. mushroom smoke destruction tonight
blood on the vinyl, the stylus goes over it every time
i heard a whisper that others swear i made up in my mind
i mean, i’m sorry. i’m apologizing for apologies sake
anthology of poems, that i swore i never created
signature, me. my hand writing becomes sloppy by noon
hollow out the wine cabinet. 3 P.M oktober lagune
philosophy twist. take a trip with me to corpus callosum
where coordinates of your ghost consoles the subconscious
sort of robotic. you control my wiring with a jolt. electronic
my own pocohantas, brunette soul. roses from garden have blossomed
theres more than what meets the eye. morgue detailed in disguise
the force in which you assort to, distorts the ailing device
tobacco road, collages corroded by writings in code
chorus in falsetto, i need endorphins for one night in chicago
fireplace blisters. a crackle for every sip that i take
stolichnaya. punches rolled with the fist that i make
a soft season in texas. missletoes, sam adams, king cole for your taste
dismissive soul. for every broken heart, there’s a home i invade
and for every cold day, theres a lava-breathing demon. i lay
lion gazelle syndrome. in your bed, like a wolf in sheeps clothing.
love that you run from me. love that you bleed slowly
i could see you at the gazebo from the window that i deliberately sit at
i wish i knew, maybe tomorrow i’ll love you again
maybe it’s the summer air. maybe i hope that summer never ends
it’s culture and ethics.
vulture paradigm culled and then etched in

the permanent pull of forever
do you remember we kissed? the sole member of this ringing inaction
heard about your schrödinger attachment. the elixir is magic
pronounce your name for me. i want to say it in dead language
i want to say it how they said it before we even existed
out loud, and painfully. full of rage, in a sweating panic
seasons remiss, i want to breathe it into existence
velvet sage. i want to say it with your hand on my neck
great minds think alike, so thats why we both brandish contempt
showered with my clothes on, alone in the stall
emptied the heaven hill, and put a hole in the wall
called the dont do it lifeline and was put on hold for an hour
wrote a letter to my parents, and choked on the vowels
bit on my tongue til the blood diluted the taste of the bourbon
put a slit through my bandage. put a blade to my churches
said a prayer so nervous. layed still for eternity
the shower ran through 6am. i heard knocks on the door
answered with an imaginary gun that held me hostage. its more
than what i made it out to be. told them i fell and i slipped
told a joke and laughed it off. told her hell is a bitch
denim has a subtle smell when drenched in whiskey and slaughter
waded as anonymous caller. speakerphone the rain of the water
looked to the sky, dissolute, dissuaded, demise
cried, laughed and told the operator i had already died
asked me if i was alright. i know id be never the same
desolate rage. i wonder where my crucifix lays.
if they could talk, what would these broken walls say
you only remember me when i start to walk away

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