1:32 A.M. Confessions: An Insomniac’s Lament – You Are Here.

I’m sorry.

There’s a reason I’m like this, a lapidary diamond destruction,
Cut out your aortic value, set aside the eruption.
A volcanic assembly in the midst of a powerless strain,
It isn’t malaise; the road less traveled is traveled the same.
Mapped-out distinction, we only talk when there’s nothing to say,
You are here, we are there, it hurts, but okay.

Perforated perfection, razor-bladed ventricle phase,
Take an exit, no, take a breath, pulmonary affection displayed,
But we don’t breathe anymore.
Tensions rising, adrenal gland, sinus secretion,
No gasps of air in between kisses, just sighs of relief,
Stethoscope camaraderie, departure is now tearful at best,
Decode the Morse of your heartbeat with an ear to your chest.

But it doesn’t matter anymore;
You ruined my interpretation of love.
She used to walk by the lake and avoid the watery tide,
Now when it rains, I let you walk in puddles with stride,
Tablecloth linen, Chevrolet wagon window fingerprint stain,
Hers clouded the same area, Cinderella silhouette paint.

We’ve been here before; I’ll say it again, I’ll say it forever,
Your silence let me know we weren’t together,
Delicate language, I kept you in Davy Jones’ locker,
Binary code sonder, bystanders looked at us argue,
I don’t know; you were my first.

Ethereal consumption, diluted diversion,
I don’t know if it’s you or when you put me on mute, and there’s bourbon.
You are here, no, you aren’t; you’re just in my bloodstream,
So when I run away from my past…
Well, you are here, disenfranchised, who’s gonna pay tribute,
Desenfenada, desperado, I hate to end it like this, to be continued.

Published by Cristian Leonardo Gajardo

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