i met somebody. (meeting someone who has a significant other, and you think there’s a connection they’re avoiding)

i met somebody

i’m not sure if i was supposed too though
not sure if she was a’pproachable
anxious and mellow.
standing with my hand on my elbow
studied her curves with the
glance from my hello

but, i’m sure, you’re unreachable
and as
a man (boy) wrapped his arms around her
as to slowly suggest a inflection
and grabbed her by the waist as they left
i was sunken by her destructive impression
stroking napalm into my battleship eyes
and, swim across the nebula in the reflection of my iris
pools of black pearls. pirate my last glance into yours
raid my souls sunk ships, with your davy jones dutchman’s
bathe in rainbows.
dunked in your ratio sun rays
your maybe so’s, some days.
stormy nights, to say hello.
rain checked and barely spoken
alienated. very broken
soft spoke. can’t stay alone like this
want to lay. with no bias.

and hope
i can pertain to your highness.
gave you lifelines; everyday in code crisis
feeling like
your favorite hoe.
your daily dose sidekick
i stayed through your radio silence
your barely notes. your barely spokes
your careless,
hopeless odes of life
where you told me you were miserable
i don’t know
i can’t hope to care
i hope you take care
i know, i don’t.
i know, you
don’t care
and don’t hope

Published by Cristian Leonardo

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One thought on “i met somebody. (meeting someone who has a significant other, and you think there’s a connection they’re avoiding)

  1. I’m glad you publish this poetry here, first of all. I love the stories you put on IG, but I was delighted to discover these longer form poems here! I really enjoy this piece. That whole section with the extended high seas imagery is just spectacular, beginning with that first image, “stroking napalm into my battleship eyes.” I just love reading that line. The softness of “stroke” combined with the explosiveness of “napalm” and the power of “battleship” (which is your battleship, not “a” or “the,” so there’s the additional power of ownership in the line; don’t get me started on euphemistic potential here, and how romantically this line could be read, if one were so inclined).

    I love man(boy) where “man” is struck through. I use a similar construction in my poetry, though yours is both more beautiful and more meaningful, with the strike through.

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