Between the Rose-Colored Glasses

They won’t exactly be sending out search parties for you, so no need to cast a longing gaze toward Gomorrah. It’s quite an interesting connection between me and all these naysayers, almost like some cosmic joke. Imagine a leaf petal doing a helicopter impression, whirling around in the wind and making a melodious entrance ontoContinue reading “Between the Rose-Colored Glasses”

The Dark Crush: A Poem of Contradiction and Obsession

He’s sitting in his shadow, 
match lit, iron sight shifting with his arrow. Da Vinci with a trebuchet, 
resentment at a younger age. Don’t think I’ve ever fucking been the same. Stay still please, so I don’t have to ever aim. Heartbeat on my cabernet, gospel on the interlude. Never into hurting you, but that’sContinue reading “The Dark Crush: A Poem of Contradiction and Obsession”