okay. okay

desultory genius. under construction. lost when unnerved 
nothing more bizarre than the absurdist themes conjured with words 

it’s almost perverted with how unconcerned I’ve grown as a man

flirt with death. skeleton slow dance. holding his hands

smile so they see it, hold smog in my lungs

breathe it out when the smoke clears. Simon de Beauvoir 

polished the earth that you stand on, apologies worth

sleep paralysis, demon passage. toss and you turn

I’m your most perfected distraction. go on as you were

cause I’ll never be anyone’s anything or something deserved 

just a deserted desert. destructive. berserk 

deconstruct me to dirt, I’m your diversionary malpractice

making inadvertent adversaries off these Shakespearean actions

the never intended directors cut. a roll of film wasted

the point of this, is concave. an oil drill placement. 

boiled blood painted roses, and the soil in my bones’ clay

another day, another doctrine. just shooting in my two cents

living tooth an nail through this truth is hell nuisance 

give me a hug. give me a kiss

give me a fuck. give a fuck about this.

oblivions done. an oblivious run-around crypt

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