I’m the saddest man on the planet dulcet zones become eruptions of death memorizing vocal tones, or numbing distress most ballads, hit home, requiem out of balance such a synergistic release comes from, this basket of malice ill have it to here – 22oz black coffee french press anarchy is best dressed, brown leather, headContinue reading “vanish”

fötter day

you can hear the… suburbia chime, zirconia vertebrae. pearly white spine glass thrown in stone houses, regular suburbia night whirring, rewind. chronicled childhood in olive drab paint monocle glass. wormwood and bottles of shawshank. dissolute solitude, wanderer who wallows in maze en route. delay for tomorrow. never promised today virgin diary. anne frank. marie curieContinue reading “fötter day”


okay. okay desultory genius. under construction. lost when unnerved  nothing more bizarre than the absurdist themes conjured with words  it’s almost perverted with how unconcerned I’ve grown as a man flirt with death. skeleton slow dance. holding his hands smile so they see it, hold smog in my lungs breathe it out when the smokeContinue reading “desultory “

there’s tragedy in the stars

who would’ve thought that losing resolve was such a lucrative sought after muse? because true tragedy talks volume but the channels on mute. channeling through galaxies having to move supernovas with raw: passion. any intuition is an intuitive loss. so superfluous, the way it happens; a dying sun sparks creative patterns. tiresome survival at theContinue reading “there’s tragedy in the stars”