if you read this, it isnt too late, but i’m terribly sorry.

i’m here again, dabbling with spear tips. i’ve had it to here, with calloused frontiers. this is an embarrassing feeling. i’m proud to say i ain’t a coward derailing. just kidding. the power i flail gets devoured on daily. challenges showered, descaling. howitzer spinning towards the phalanx i’m fighting. towering titan. there’s a clever excitement, aint nothing better than being slightly- no, completely consumed. marooned on skull island, subdued in dull silence. bite off more than what i could chew, and the hand i bit is that best i could do. it’s a vicious cycle visited by demons daily. frolicking illegal alien. demonic seduction is a seasons phase. hypnotic, im in love. its appealing embrace. jackson pollock thesis space. alcoholic green beret. word placement is strategic in nature. it could besiege a nether beach you fell in love with from over there, or beseech an attempt to run in and overbear. doppelganger, wearing camouflage and pretending. to pass him off as attentive. pour a shot til i absolve and my head spins. i dont recognize the guys sabotaging my friendships. heres a molotov. don’t extinguish. the fire fogs up my memory. my dreams are like deathwishes, where extra terrestrial beings visit uninvited, their means of connecting sorta blighted. my unsightly cause & effect might get solved cus all guys in top hats are detectives. dial 9-1-1 my brains sizzled in fumes my friends think i’ve gone of the deep end. but i never got into the pool. my minds all vexed, spun the rorschash, mightve saw death. inkblots caught into the matrix. tylenol glitch. i crawl in the nightingfall ditch. have you read the book, where the sidewalk ends? a rampant monster breeding hate, men in armor flee my way. helicopters feel the wave of my massive chakra. beast unchained. king kong on the empire, but more apocalyptic, kudzu vine wrap around colossal bridges, and there i am, distraught but filled with, blots of anger, but calm submissive. even god delays his judgment when i’m deranged. assalamualaikum. padmasana sage. capsule cosmic features, magnum comet seething, savor. magnum opus, see my pain? damaged people bleed; behaviors like you’ve never seen. layed my castle on the weakest layer, and now my palace sinks between the vapors

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  1. Im frustrated with Wp as the follow thing is f*cked up but following again. Anyhow, This is an intense read and there were certain emotions powerfully collected here.

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