mad scientist

mix gunpowder and moments. of silence
gather components you’d author with smiles
combustible crossover. lost in your eyeballs.
gifting a locket, heart shaped alloy

wishing upon a asteroid comet

it’ll turn to debris before it reaches to me
countdown from three, wishing your frown obsolete
douse gasoline, that sets blaze to decree
miscellaneous. mundane.

missiletoe mainframe. hypnotize what lingers in me

complex emotions
compartmentalizing alone
left alone in your apartment
high strung and high-rise.

affectionate tease
was used to darkness from sun rise- till sun shivers
stand in front of me, shut eyes with your fingers
pressed mute with your kisses

tell the moon to revisit.

i’d mouth i loved you in english
what could’ve been at a later date
neck, shoulder, premeditation
from your inner desire, and overture taste
melanin eye, brown sepia. tell me these lies.
skeleton sky. clouds breaking off into my lines
sound waves-get soft, and decibles dice
where consensual lust, rears it’s head in and tithes
gives a percentage of care, pretend to be bare
you only said what you said to dissect what was rare
those are your words. foreword. fast forward

ball of mass in a chokehold

ozone layer of old words layered.

strapped over my torso.

I’m so… so angered. hormones anchored

to you. apropos the flavor

addicted to it. postpone my conflicted prayers

I’m such a sicko. i hate it. like a mad scientist wanting to create frankenstein but can’t,  I’m mal aligned. attack of the titans, a clash of indecisive i cants. i can’t, not decipher the feelings, let me rot and writhe. holding a wallet picture of us in my pocket insides. wanting to gift it. arduous. physics. trying to stop what I’m thinking.

but can’t

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