she whispers

in a drunken moan. she’s slowly falling in love
ask her how slowly? we’re slowly making art when we fuck
making sure she comprehends. a lion covered in cuts
licking wounds. vicissitude. saliva and blood
we’re controlled experiments. and you’re variable A
variable b, mumbles to self-paranoia pirated brain
dancing in her solitude, self awareness immense
telling women it’s OK to aim that gun at my head
what’s wrong with you? she asks.

where do i start
the mountain that’s eroding or my castle of rocks?
where debris of glass houses lay in demise
I’m praying to god. don’t even know if god cares that i die
barely a heart. just a human vessel, imitating a life
my advice to any friend is don’t end up like me
what do you mean?
deflecting momentary practices to forget I’m diseased
why do i feel so strongly? it isn’t normal to me
feel my ocean tide get wilder. moons orbiting me
dormant volcano waiting for a moment to speak
sometimes; i need… just a moment to breathe
declining every phone call is a habit ive reached
detaching from reality so i can actually breathe
do they call it paranoia if i want you leave?
she whispers; how will i find you in this wintery prose?
i bleed slowly. follow the trail in the vermillion snow

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