Nice Guys Finish Last: A Poem of Unrequited Love and Frustration

I’m stronger than you. Or I thought I was. Maybe I am. Don’t touch me. Make up your mind. Tell me you love me. Fuck me like you mean it. Mean it when you fuck me, love me when you tell me, you love me. Tell me a secret.  Show me your ghosts, and I’ll show you, my demons. Baby, you should go. Maybe we only got along because our monsters played nice. How can I atone? I’m so over being alone. But I’d rather be alone than prone to abandonment and holding on to consolation that’ll never be known. Fuck what your sentiments wrote – they lied to me and let it be shown.

A lantern is only a guide if the lights lit, and you have your sights set on looking for home. Hope you sow what you reap, motherfucker, my eyes on you. You’ll be holding up hollow fruit with no seeds in between. you asked me to keep my poetic words away from hurting your soul. I aint keen on breaking promises, but no. Hold on a minute, hold on an hour, hold onto my throat. my broken heart is telling me you told him you won’t.

Fuck it, I’m definitely stronger than you. If I did half the shit you did, you wouldn’t be breathing.

I could feel it. My heart was beating faster than it should. I kissed you while crying, my eyes blurring the truth. Moments froze. A cryogenic holding cell, to serve as reconnaissance. Mild dilemma. Miles of enemies. My field of daisies wakes up to your bombs. Rot in your holding cell. Holding your rotting cells. Selfish, cold, hell. I hope that you’re happy. Well, I’m happy you’re hoping. We look at the present like it’s not as good as the past, try to absolve ourselves from what the future brings us. Cumulonimbus. Futuristic. Who are you kissing?

It’s me. Look at your constellation tattoo and connect the dots. I am that shining star. Do you ever look at it? It’s the letter Y. The same letter as the question I ask. Phases unphased. Finding myself in the middle of nowhere. Then, I’m finding myself in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know what I am, but I do know what you aren’t. Humans are complex. We show emotions that we don’t currently feel and hide the ones that we do feel. I’m a crab in my shell when I’m screaming to let me the fuck out of my own skin. Someone once said it is impossible to be selfish and happy – and that’s terribly true. I just hope you stop being selfish.

You tell yourself you’re a free soul, unbound by any chains. But my love, you’re holding your own chains. You’re not free. You’re just running away. There are no underground railroads for people who run away from the truth. There is only one way to unlock the chains. Your lips need to stop telling lies. Now tell me with your eyes how you’ll make that happen.

Published by Cristian Leonardo Gajardo

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