Electricity of Words: A Burst of Emotions

Incandescent, I’m pregnant with my words,
Pregnant, as in, ready to burst,
And give life where it’s needed, or not,
Irreverent, a moment of shining,
Where bulbs of luminous lime invoke
A poisonous vine. It’s similar in fashion when
I couldn’t feel a feeling twice,
It’s only one time that I felt it,
Like I can’t relive a moment in inception,
To revive the electric vibe
That enlivened me in a second.
So terrified at the ghastly future that I stayed in the present,
Played with ploys of my past,
Avoiding a void is like moisture in cracks.
Over time, the crevice loosens its solid texture,
It falls and becomes decrepit over time.
A dam is an unimaginable creation of man,
And I was that, an image of grandeur,
But with just the constant pressure of water,
My only vulnerability turned into a disaster.

Published by Cristian Leonardo Gajardo

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