My Mother Used to Say: Loneliness and Faith

Hi. I’m okay. My name is … (private exchange) Oceanic delight, Mariana Trench – let’s lie on the waves Get lied to with promises as you wave your goodbyes The “we’ll soon see each other”s, the “I can’t wait to arrive”s Gesticulating giant, wide-eyed naivety shines Juan Valdez roast – a vagabond’s variant vibe CashContinue reading “My Mother Used to Say: Loneliness and Faith”

I Know What I Need: The Quest for Fulfillment Amidst the Turbulent Rapids of Existence, Where Inner Desires Clash with External Realities

I don’t know what I want, Whether it’s surface dwelling alone at the swamp Or an oak in a marsh, soul-searching proverbial want. We’re more or less spawns of monsters nobody needs, You were my star-spangled banner, and I was taking a knee. Subterranean breeze, vitamin pond, still smell your perfume, Every once in aContinue reading “I Know What I Need: The Quest for Fulfillment Amidst the Turbulent Rapids of Existence, Where Inner Desires Clash with External Realities”

Fötter Day Reverie: Suburban Breeze and Whispered Dreams

You can hear the suburban chime, zirconia vertebrae, pearly white spine. Glass thrown in stone houses, a regular suburban night, whirring, rewinding. Chronicled childhood in olive drab paint, monocle glass. Wormwood and bottles of Shawshank dissolute solitude. A wanderer who wallows in the maze en route, delaying for tomorrow, never promised today. A virgin diary,Continue reading “Fötter Day Reverie: Suburban Breeze and Whispered Dreams”

Then and Now: My Apologies, But the Gray No Longer Holds Beauty for Me

Dear Journal, Recollections of a picnic eventuate vividly in my mind. Amidst the reminisced scene, a profound sense of auditory quiescence prevails. What endures most is the ethereal spectacle wherein the heavens infused my being with enduring chromaticity. The transformation of a seemingly desolate desert into an entrancing marvel transpired. Heliotrope, lavender, and carmine mergedContinue reading “Then and Now: My Apologies, But the Gray No Longer Holds Beauty for Me”

Dancing in the Fireworks: A Sensory Delight

Dreams and reverie boast, Roasted with pearly green chimerical gold. God Delusion. Hallucinating a miracle told, Where lightning strikes the conscious, Lively minded, constant. Smile by a goddess, Where perfection’s unfurled by Pangaea, Curvy hips, sangria, and rooftops, Inebriated in a sea, with a jukebox. Charismatic, dispelling drama, adorable, Gospel sings for the saga approaching,Continue reading “Dancing in the Fireworks: A Sensory Delight”

Satin and Snapdragons: A Poetic Tapestry

Puncturing flows of buttery colors, exposed in Post and pre-nuptial showmanship. Function control, Amusing instrumental, effusive ode to hold this angel to a centerpiece. Basil, with cloves, of energy that exposed a masterful synergy, A weeded rustled drone that tumbled a quiet depiction of the color blue on a petal, Succulent. Moss grows on myContinue reading “Satin and Snapdragons: A Poetic Tapestry”

Electricity of Words: A Burst of Emotions

Incandescent, I’m pregnant with my words, Pregnant, as in, ready to burst, And give life where it’s needed, or not, Irreverent, a moment of shining, Where bulbs of luminous lime invoke A poisonous vine. It’s similar in fashion when I couldn’t feel a feeling twice, It’s only one time that I felt it, Like IContinue reading “Electricity of Words: A Burst of Emotions”

Guillotine Lust: Secrets and Desires

Particle physics; radiation courses through every speck and grain, But that didn’t mean infecting the inflections as per your hypothetical claim. Bite the bullet, swallow the pistol; it shoots, Harboring a hollow feeling, sipping Miller to boot. Coil-gripped Corona, drowning out social persona, We’re evolving into moths, wallowing toward the Murky gray skies. Yeah, theContinue reading “Guillotine Lust: Secrets and Desires”

Empyrean Cosmos: Inner Reflections

Empyrean cosmos. This feeling I swallow; it’s real. It’s hollow, but it’s there. I know it. It’s growing, a hole full of sorrow; it’s weird. Some sort of eerie control. It has sculpted out a grave in my heart, it’s six feet into my soul. A clay soldier statue that’s woven and wound up byContinue reading “Empyrean Cosmos: Inner Reflections”