last time you said stop

sigh i don’t get it. they tell me to write happy things. the thing is you don’t feel the need to discuss your happiness on paper when you’re happy. you just embrace the moment and live it. i don’t want to talk about that. momentary silence. dusk lit bedroom apartment buzzing of cars from trafficContinue reading “last time you said stop”

figure me out.

it’s beginning to show it’s intertwining dividends between time invested with growth. my intention provoked. lying listless and broke revisiting moments that to me, seem explicitly warped yosemite vulture. my melatonins dried up some sore throat, sore back, amphetamine humdrum ever growing size of my blood pump escaping out of my thorax 500-pound dry-flesh, greenContinue reading “figure me out.”

wallflower here

the perks of being a wallflower, or disadvantage in case. mr observant, half perfectionist, getting a taste of his own medicinal value, describe me to myself in a vacuum. tell me how many times i scratch my chin, touch my ribcage, leave you feeling incomplete. when you feel me getting nervous around you, so iContinue reading “wallflower here”

soul, baby. soul (i wrote this almost prophetically, before a falling out that I wanted to prevent from happening)

it’s almost complete. distance between falling apart from whispering secrets, sequence you act non chalant like, a purist in person. told you to stop kissing my heart questioned why, choking back tears. au revoir so insincere. brassiere draped over post traumatical scar and it’s worthless. holding hands under jupiter mars deafening stare. kaleidoscopic. where weContinue reading “soul, baby. soul (i wrote this almost prophetically, before a falling out that I wanted to prevent from happening)”

so little, little (a look into repetitive behavior, derailing depression, predestination syndrome, losing faith)

why am i here again why does it matter? handle with care. these items are fragile wear a mask and lie to your closest, Keyser Söze display let’s erode together, hold my rusty hand in the rain tin man toppling, iron giant in grave hear the fucking rain pound it’s way on my armor usingContinue reading “so little, little (a look into repetitive behavior, derailing depression, predestination syndrome, losing faith)”

cloak and dagger

you’re not what i dreamed of or hoped for, that potential was reached long before, i harbored emotions in secret sophomoric sequence, plot twist i saw all along held my breath for a year, lungs turn carbon to smog another movie screening, hold hands in between it reach maximum zenith, whisper “never leave me” underContinue reading “cloak and dagger”

tattoo flowers

it’s become more of a habit interval time from interacting with humans irony overlaps boredom and passion kiss away sadness. verbally vie away the synapses blood stained flesh from a rose thorn on a flower. cry self preservation to keep presence remote listen in on private conversations. fly on the wall i, carry disdain likeContinue reading “tattoo flowers”

maturing too fast

it’s up for existential debate. whether or nots we’re here for a reason, or stranded here just to rot leisurely lonesomes, sunrise kingdom unfolding delicate flower, nuclei destined forever in forest do or die sentiments. sediment ready to rise blood pact suicide, toes in the sand in the tide were only in focus when weContinue reading “maturing too fast”

a letter to whoever loves me next

To whoever loves me next, I’m sorry. I’m sorry if one day my words brings lightning to your lips, and the tingle of electric bursts makes your tongue turn numb. Your cheeks turn red, flushing flirtatiously. Feverish hue, and a bottomless stomach with drunk butterflies maneuvering to get out of, then out of nowhere there’sContinue reading “a letter to whoever loves me next”

black liquor

wish it would stop watch the laundry spin and then sit on a box circular sleep. daydream while i cry kill me at dawn, sing silent night – no. hum at my grave dig me up. stop. then kiss my remains skeletons out the closet. my bones here to stay shapeshifting gravediggers. I’m barely awakeContinue reading “black liquor”