this one hurt (when fire-breathers begins to realize that the reactions to his own pain is self destructive)

i am breathing fire but, im not a dragon an average person. swallowed matches ran across a sea of stars in moon boots. army canvass the catalyst sparks. deactivate the manned fuselage tight-lipped gargantuan stares through his art, for hours (or it seems) want to be touched yet wince when you do slight grimace, aContinue reading “this one hurt (when fire-breathers begins to realize that the reactions to his own pain is self destructive)”

prairie wheatgrass – nostalgia

i was obsessed. no- a feeling remorse and nostalgia stretches of gold over algae. prairie turf interwoven to coast bezeled beach. denizen dosage. felt closer to home juniper fire, i never understood why i’d cry when alone something about … fingertip tingle. hands nestled over a looming horizon open field just for me, dusks pyreContinue reading “prairie wheatgrass – nostalgia”

my mother used to say

hi. I’m okay. my name is .. (private exchange) oceanic delight. mariana trench – lets lie on the waves get lied to with promises as you wave your goodbyes the we’ll soon see each others. the i cant wait to arrives gesticulating giant, wide-eyed naivety shine Juan Valdez roast – a vagabonds variant vibe cashContinue reading “my mother used to say”

i know what i need 

I dont know what I want whether its surface dwelling alone at the swamp or an oak in a marsh, soul searching proverbial want we’re more or less spawns of monsters nobody needs you were my star spangled banner and I was taking a knee subterranean breeze, vitamin pond, still smell your perfume every onceContinue reading “i know what i need “


I’m the saddest man on the planet dulcet zones become eruptions of death memorizing vocal tones, or numbing distress most ballads, hit home, requiem out of balance such a synergistic release comes from, this basket of malice ill have it to here – 22oz black coffee french press anarchy is best dressed, brown leather, headContinue reading “vanish”

fötter day

you can hear the… suburbia chime, zirconia vertebrae. pearly white spine glass thrown in stone houses, regular suburbia night whirring, rewind. chronicled childhood in olive drab paint monocle glass. wormwood and bottles of shawshank. dissolute solitude, wanderer who wallows in maze en route. delay for tomorrow. never promised today virgin diary. anne frank. marie curieContinue reading “fötter day”

to miss P

it was a matter of why. statuesque beauty over vodka and wine hourglass figurine. when you come around it becomes tough to tell time seductress stolichnaya. brunette, bridal, bohemian it’s cruel how without even trying you leave me in a state of dreams where I’m hardly breathing at the Gala. a seamstress couldn’t replicate yourContinue reading “to miss P”

delicate skin: negative print 

who’s barely   intact. two hundred thousand nails puncture veins in my back whether not they’re human or metal remains to be asked  yellowpages. your name severs sapience. saps like heavens angels. vessels fray then collapse lord father, elevate us. why’m i so fixated on the past separate fact from fiction. eradicate my relapse rehabilitationContinue reading “delicate skin: negative print “


i feel  so disconnected. pictures of stars are trillions of seconds old heliocentric. we spend our time wishing we could revisit a setting i could see it in decimals. each dot a pause in a sentence hold my hand, avalanche. bring me the check when you’re finished mezzanine at the theater, velvet seamstress, madam GutierrezContinue reading “AA4564”

i get along without you

it was only a second. it felt more armageddon, a source of dependence my very core was augmented. no force, just indebted to pain embedded; the flow descending in waves chakra, like flames, no position, no direction. unphased. see, most of what i felt was descriptions. captions in italics handpicked basket of malice. last resortContinue reading “i get along without you”

chemical beachhhh

it’ll be over soon (im so weak) i dont know what to say. that’s all ive been saying of late. blurry backdrop, urban aperture frame. thorough blacktop, burrow the hallowing pain delicate language left footprints on chemical beach. .. ive still got sand in my car talked on a blanket in vitamin forest with blanketedContinue reading “chemical beachhhh”

9/04/2016 – 1:32 A.M –

I’m sorry there’s a reason I’m like this. lapidary diamond destruction cut out your aortic value. set aside the eruption volcanic assembly. in the midst of a powerless strain it isn’t malaise. the road less travelled is travelled the same mapped out distinction. we only talk when there’s nothing to say you are here. weContinue reading “9/04/2016 – 1:32 A.M –”