if you read this, it isnt too late, but i’m terribly sorry.

i’m here again, dabbling with spear tips. i’ve had it to here, with calloused frontiers. this is an embarrassing feeling. i’m proud to say i ain’t a coward derailing. just kidding. the power i flail gets devoured on daily. challenges showered, descaling. howitzer spinning towards the phalanx i’m fighting. towering titan. there’s a clever excitement,Continue reading “if you read this, it isnt too late, but i’m terribly sorry.”

broken walls

there’s lies that i tell, with no repercussion in sight roll over for the fall out. mushroom smoke destruction tonight blood on the vinyl, the stylus goes over it every time i heard a whisper that others swear i made up in my mind i mean, i’m sorry. i’m apologizing for apologies sake anthology ofContinue reading “broken walls”

Nissan Sentra 2013 

. adagio for strings. invite me to your quartet violin unhinged. idling super star set theres such a brazen touch, with the brush of true dishonor. get lost in the wade of war. or rust in your suit of armor. lust for reclusion in the midst of battle. I heard you whisper to yourself beforeContinue reading “Nissan Sentra 2013 “


I’m sorry. thank you. Hello and goodbye watch it go, watch it stop. watch as I cry au revoir. adios. remember me as I am ill never be the same. reinvent me Madame i used to fish for stars right in my hand and give them to you as a present. kazam Abra kadabra, promiseContinue reading “CACTUS”


it’s so unimportant. the funneling of guns to my roses. slow danced with the most disconnected soul on this planet watching steps into rhythm. coalesce death into wisdom.  such a succulent prose. im nothing short of a serpent to color me hopeless, is to color me human.  rendered useless by the silhouette that wants to consumeContinue reading “GUNS AND ROSES.”

skylit lighthouse

we spent an hour alone watching our eyes meet our lips my revolvers extinct. extinguishing meandering thought cradled across indifference right into addiction deference to malice. rosebud digitalis reborn grin. while I think about things I haven’t before soaked in grimace and gin while I’m singing along philosophers physics. you had me at ‘gone’ underneathContinue reading “skylit lighthouse”

last 5 titles [updated 3.31.16]

i’ve scrapped my last five writings, with the opening sentences starting with, “its hell in this darkness” “dearly departed, please be here for my heart” the other three were as stark “i hate being alive” don’t seem to remember, one rubric:  ‘demons inside“. life is overrated. diluted with wine my tears empower me. tailspin fusionContinue reading “last 5 titles [updated 3.31.16]”

dreaming of colors

I salivate at the thought of atom lasers and waves of splattered rainbow the way they collaborate on a acid halo. technicolor schemes, that i’d envy more than me. oh, what it is to be, a color never dreamed. enactment of life, elapsed by the clockwork collapsing of time. facets of ‘why does it allContinue reading “dreaming of colors”

Robot. I’m a. robot. 

I map out entire existences in the blink of an eye. I could hire statisticians for the things I’d describe. Statistical paralysis. Analysis by analytics. It’s lonely in the library, & things considered semi-cryptic. focused on the binary, I do the math on how to rule you. it’s crucial, at worst. at best, it’s the crest’sContinue reading “Robot. I’m a. robot. “

you don’t matter 

  I live by a few quotes. And one long ass mantra. a few of them more depressing than others and a few of them, that don’t make any fucking sense.  one I don’t want to tell anybody congratulations, ever. I don’t want to give people the gratitude of me acknowledging them. I want toContinue reading “you don’t matter “

breathalyzer (pt 1)

so funny how i feel under the influence, without being under your influence (in a good way. that blushing continuance where everything is diff-erent) its the effluence of the mental influenza, you condemned me too i was THERE EVERY FUCKING SECOND. you left me clues indications are vindicated. nightfall traces of a silhouette cigarettes. youContinue reading “breathalyzer (pt 1)”


  so October 28th. the day before it had arrived pumpkin leaflets, summers leaving, volkswagon sedan on a drive gusts of season. flannels. & walks through 10pm suburbia nights blasts of orange harvest, olfactory senses concise. lakeside and beverly creak. Lake Nelson just over in reach the crossover between the fur elise and berry stems inContinue reading “sooo.. “